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Ultimate Dudes Grooming + Wellness Box. Beard Oil, Smokey Car Diffuser, Camp Diffuser Oil, & Rugged Cologne.

Ultimate Dudes Grooming + Wellness Box. Beard Oil, Smokey Car Diffuser, Camp Diffuser Oil, & Rugged Cologne.

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Welcome to 'The One for The Dudes' Wellness Box

  1. Beard Oil': Crafted in honor of beard aficionado Mr. Urton, this beard oil is a dedication to superior grooming. It's meticulously made using the purest form of ingredients from beloved products he cherished. Perfect for nurturing beard growth, grooming, and conditioning, it's a high-quality essential for a well-maintained beard.

  2. 'Smokey' Car Diffuser Blend: Inspired by the allure of the Smokey Mountains and reminiscent of the popular Black Ice car fresheners, 'Smokey' is a harmonious blend of nature's finest aromas. Each whiff captures the essence of towering trees, lavender fields, and hints of wild citrus, offering a serene aroma without the toxic elements found in commercial air fresheners.

  3. 'Camp' Diffuser Oil: Transporting you to the tranquility of a woodland hike, 'Camp' embodies the serene beauty of nature. Its deep woods aroma, reminiscent of ancient trees and rustling leaves, creates a sanctuary where time slows down, fostering a grounding connection with Mother Earth and providing therapeutic benefits.

  4. 'Rugged' Cologne Essential Oil Blend: This blend is designed as the perfect woodsy cologne, featuring a combination of bergamot, cedarwood, and vetiver pure essential oils. It's an essential addition to any man's routine, preparing him for the day ahead with its invigorating and rugged scent profile.

Each of these products curated for "The Dudes" Wellness Wednesday box offers a unique experience: from grooming essentials paying homage to beard care enthusiasts, to nature-inspired essential oil blends that transport users to serene natural landscapes. They collectively reflect a commitment to quality, wellness, and a deep connection to both grooming and nature's therapeutic embrace.


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