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Magnesium Spray

Magnesium Spray

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Welcome to the listing for the magnesium sprays! This is our newest and most popular product right now. Updated pictures will be coming soon!

Magnesium Spray Benefits
­čî▒Improves Circulation + Sore Muscle Recovery
­čî▒Improves Mood + Energy Levels
­čî▒Sleep Improvement + Reduces Stress
­čî▒Eases Anxiety + Fights Depression
­čî▒Supports Heart + Cardiovascular Health

Hormones - Hormone Balance
­čî▒Natural Hormone Support
­čî▒Healthy Cortisol Levels
­čî▒Promotes Serotonin + Dopamine┬á
­čî▒Hormone support at all stages of life

Muscles - Sore Muscle + Recovery

­čî▒encourages blood flow & circulation
­čî▒anti-inflammatory property supports pain reduction & muscle tension
­čî▒contains menthol that relaxes & cools/heats muscles to relax spasms
­čî▒antispasmodic properties

Tranquil - Calm + Relax
­čî▒Restful Sleep
­čî▒Baby Sleep
­čî▒Sleep Improvement
­čî▒Kid's Oils for Staying Asleep
­čî▒Kid's Insomnia

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