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Hi Bestie! I'm Rachel!

Hope you don't mind that we are besties now! I lovingly call myself your oil bestie because I want you to feel like I'm the friendly oil lady next door. I research the best oils to use for certain aliments, make sure they smell wonderful, safely dilute them, and only use high quality pure essential oils in every product. This means you don't have to keep up with a monthly membership, pay a premium price, or buy all the things to make one rollerball!

I am a wife, momma to 3, lover of Disney and all things fun. Read more about me by clicking the button below.

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  • "This diffuser is a real game changer in my life. I have it on at least 50% of the day. It has made a very positive improvement in my breathing quality."

  • "I love these little car diffusers! The work perfectly & leave a very noticeable but, not overwhelming smell to the inside of your car. The fragrance is amazing!"

  • "Rachel has the best, most thoughtful blends out there! She puts so much time, care, and effort to make blends that are unique, fun, and beneficial all at the same time. Highly recommend!!"

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