Hi! I'm Rachel!

The wife, momma, and big dreamer behind Urton Co.!

I fell in love with the power of essential oils many years ago. Yes I'm that lady... the one with an "oil for that!" I fell in love with having all-natural tools to relieve simple ailments that are just inevitable as mother of three. And of course, making my home smell incredible without all the toxins.

In 2020, I quit my job to stay at home with our children - something I had always dreamed of. But being a bit of a social butterfly and always a dreamer, it didn't take long before the need to share my passion with others began to bubble over.

I found myself frequently researching blends, deep diving into natural wellness, and wishing I had a one-stop shop. I saw a need to eliminate the research and burden of having to buy 10 oils for one blend and create ready-to-use essential oil products.

I lovingly call myself “your oil bestie," as I individually handcraft every single product and walk you through how to use them. It’s a unique and less intimidating approach to use and understand the power essential oils can have on your life.

Oils can be used to support simple health ailments, emotional needs, and make our homes smell amazing all without any toxic ingredients. All in one!

Thank you for stopping by Urton Co, for shopping small, and getting to know us a little more!

Rachel Urton
aka. your new oil bestie